Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is this land being rezoned for development?
The Shire has requested the land rezoning in order to enable the development of a range of housing and facilities close the town centre, in keeping with liveable neighbourhood concepts and the growing needs of Kununurra as a major regional centre.

2. How have people been consulted about the development?
There have been a number of public comment opportunities, including two statutory advertising periods as part of the rezoning and subdivision process. There have also been a number of sessions held with local stakeholders to discuss the ‘transitional’ housing. Presentations on the development have been given at the regular Ord public forums.

3. How many houses will there be in the development?
If all the lots are developed to their full potential, there could be up to 124 homes.

4. What is the mix of land uses?
The majority of the development will be permanent residential, with 5 mixed use lots (mix of commercial/retail and residential) and a short stay patient accommodation facility.

5. How much private development will there be compared to publicly funded development?
Approximately two-thirds of the estate will be private housing, with the remainder funded through a range of public sources, including the East Kimberley Development Package.

6. How do you plan on maximizing the use of local contractors?
Our contractor Ertech is using local subcontractors for the majority of the civil works, building on the relationships they have developed during previous projects.

7. Will there be any shops or offices?
Five lots have a mixed use zoning which allows development of shops and offices.

8. Who is being allocated lots?
WA Country Health Services have been allocated two lots adjacent to the hospital site for their short stay patient accommodation facility. The Department of Housing has been allocated land for 25 transitional homes which is spread throughout the estate in a ‘salt and pepper’ approach.

9. What is transitional housing and how is it different from social housing?
25 homes will be built in the estate by the Department of Housing for tenants wanting to build their independence and progress from public housing into private rental and potentially home ownership. Tenants will be required to make progress towards this goal and will be supported through a comprehensive support program which will be provided to build tenants’ capacity to independently meet their tenancy obligations.

10. Who is eligible for transitional housing?
Aboriginal families committed to working, reducing their dependency on welfare and wanting to raise their children in a stable home, with good education.

11. What does transitional housing look like and how is it to be managed?
Transitional homes will look like regular new houses, similar to the style of homes found in eg Lakeside Park. The management model is being finalised by the Department of Housing.

12. Will there be development conditions on the land?
All lots will be subject to 36 month development conditions, and design guidelines which encourage climate responsive design and high quality built form which is extremely important in medium density developments.

13. What about aged care?
Discussions are taking place with the Shire regarding the allocation of land for aged care within the development.

14. What are the timeframes for development?
All lots have now been released to the market. All homes must be built on the lots within 3 years of settlement.

15. What about the short stay patient accommodation?
WACHS have appointed architects for the project who are working in close consultation with our estate architects to ensure the best design outcome. The accommodation will be built on two lots on the edge of the development, adjacent to the hospital.

16. What is happening with the Neighbourhood House?
DevelopmentWA will be providing services (water, power, sewerage) connections to the proposed Neighbourhood House site. Capital funding for the house is not yet confirmed.

17. What will the development look like?
The development is intended to have well designed, climate responsive homes. There will be a mix of housing styles and product ranging from small units to single homes. There may be some two storey development on the mixed use lots along Chestnut Drive. Design guidelines will guide the built form of houses in the development.

All construction will be subject to the normal Shire development and building controls. The development will offer a new residential option for Kununurra, close to community amenities, and signals a step forward for the town as it emerges as a major regional centre.